Office365 setup.

Are you not yet working with your colleagues via the Cloud?
Microsoft 365 provides a secure and effective platform to collaborate with each other.
The Microsoft 365 platform consists of the well-known Office applications and
offers many options that are optimally integrated with each other.
From simple file sharing via a SharePoint site to extensive mobile device management via Microsoft Intune.

Office automation.

We offer a service of administrative work automation in the Microsoft Office 365 environment.
If you’re wasting time on boring and repetitive tasks, we can help
simplifying and saving you energy and time.
Not working in the Office 365 environment yet? No problem, we will help you on your way.
If necessary, arrange the migration to the Office platform and offer guidance.

Office cloud back-up.

Cloud Backup for Office 365. Protect your Onedrive data, Exchange mail and
SharePoint data with a cloud-to-cloud service backup.
Unlimited backups, lightning fast recovery of data that matters to you.
From simple backup to extensive version management.

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