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Automating your business!

We are a young and ambitious company that is focused on performance enhancement of businesses through automating all of their repetitive tasks. If you want to concentrate all the efforts of your company on what you are the best at let us guide you through the world of office automation were we can help you in optimising your internal processes so that you can get the best from your business!

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How can we automate your business?

We are a small company, therefore we can deliver tailored solutions for your business. By letting us know how your workflow process looks like at your company we can analyse and provide the right RPA based optimisation.

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Why automating your business?


What can we offer?

Personalised solutions tailored to your needs

All services

IT Management

From preventive to network management

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Office 365 Setup

From Simple File Sharing to extensive mobile device management

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We offer custom solutions to meet your individual needs

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Cloud Back-up

Cloud Backup for Office 365


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From our customers

“Dalo Automation has the right knowledge to take steps forward in the field of digitization & automation”

Bas Keizers
“Dalo Automation has ensured that we no longer have to worry about IT-related matters and that we can focus on our core business.”

“Dalo Automation has helped us tremendously in optimizing processes within our Microsoft365 environment.”
Veenstra Financial Partners


Let’s sit down and dicuss the possibilities for your company.

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